Our Team

The team was founded in 2018, and we have been growing ever since!

Email us at: vertex15534@gmail.com or dang@exeter.edu!



Team Captain Deborah is currently a senior at Phillips Exeter, originally from San Jose, California. She first participated in FLL in 4th grade, and has since been an active part of many FLL and FTC teams as a member and coach. As the mechanical lead on VERTEX, she hopes to continually improve her leadership and teamwork and looks forward to continuing her robotics career at Exeter!



Mechanical Lead, Director of Athletics Teddy is a junior at Phillips Exeter from Durham, North Carolina. He has participated in FIRST since 6th grade, attending multiple state and international tournaments. This is his second year on VERTEX, and he spends most of his time on the team working in CAD. Teddy also enjoys building electronics for guided rockets and playing soccer.



Community Outreach Lead Brenda is an senior at Phillips Exeter from San Antonio, Texas. Previously she participated in FLL and FRC and is excited to continue pursuing robotics with FIRST. On the team she works alongside outreach to plan events and spread STEM. In her free time she enjoys creating along with her twin sister.



Programming Lead Riya is a senior at Phillips Exeter. She has extensive experience with outreach and programming through programs and camps she has run over the summer, and is incredibly passionate about educating the community and spreading STEM! Riya is excited to be on the FTC team, and looks forward to bringing the robot to life this year.



Programming Member Avaninder is a sophomore at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he works on machine learning and web development. He was a part of FTC since middle school, and loves working with his team to build and program robots! He will continue to work on making machine learning more accessible.



Programming Member, Web + Media Byran is a junior at Phillips Exeter, from Princeton, New Jersey. He first participated in FLL in 5th grade, and is excited to continue in FIRST with VERTEX. Byran enjoys when the code works first-try, and strongly dislikes merge conflicts. He spends his free time making electronic human interface devices, 3D graphics design and websites (like this one!).



Mechanical Member, Dictator of Drip Eli is currently a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy. She grew up in Shanghai, but now lives in New Jersey with her parents and older sister. She first developed an interest in robotics during her freshman year in Shanghai, but she was unable to attend any competitions due to Covid. She is very excited to learn more about using CAD and the process of building a robot!



Outreach Coordinator Charles is a senior at Phillips Exeter from St. Paul, Minnesota. As his second year on the team — and his second year involved with robotics and FTC — he serves as the community outreach lead. This year, he’s looks forward to continuing to share his love of STEM with the Exeter community.



Mechanical Member Alinne is currently an senior at Exeter and lives in San Antonio, Texas. She was introduced to robotics through FLL and later FRC. On the team, she’s been able to help with CAD and planning outreach events. In her free time she enjoys creating all sorts of things.