DataRobot Trip!


On January 11th, we held a trip to take 14 Exonians on a site visit to DataRobot, a unicorn startup founded in Boston. Being such a large private company, arranging this visit was an excellent opportunity for exonians outside of robotics club to be exposed to AI applications in real world businesses and its impact. DataRobot is a globalized machine learning platform not catered to one specific industry, making it easily accessible to all. The company helps bridge the gap between the rapidly rising demand for Artificial Intelligence and the relative shortage of data scientists. At the forefront of the AI revolution, they help companies easily utilize predictive modeling by increasing data scientist productivity and effectively empowering others, such as data analysts and engineers, who may not have been able to previously access or take advantage of AI. 

Our trip consisted of a tour of the DataRobot workspace as well as a seminar detailing machine learning, DataRobot’s mission, how companies can advance using AI, fundraising for start-ups, and a real-time demonstration of the platform. Throughout the trip, students freely posed questions about subjects such as the logistics of large-scale companies, the differences between private and public companies, the details of the Machine Learning process, the diversity in the workplace and tech startup industry, and many more.

Linked here is a video documenting all the fun we had: