Engaging with Xenex's COO


On January 20th this year, members from our team had a Skype call with the COO of the nearby robotics company Xenex, Mr. Froutin. We asked him about procedures in designing and building robots and team management. Through this experience, we learned many things:

  1. It is important to design the robot in part or in whole with CAD first before building it. Even though Mr. Froutin had not used OnShape, the cloud CADing system we are using, he did point out to us that with CAD, our team can visualize the pressure applied to different components etc. This later saved us a lot of trouble.

OnShape is the cloud CADing software we are using

  1. A large team requires specific delegations and division of labor. We always knew this but none of us truly understood its importance. This would later help us dramatically in increasing efficiency.

As Xenex’s website puts it: “Our mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by destroying deadly microorganisms that can cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs).” They are a company of incredibly dedicated and passionate people, much like our team.

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