Girls Who Code - Round 2!


Kai and Summer visited Girls Who Code, again! This time, they presented about Silicon Valley Ethics and how our ethics have evolved, or haven’t evolved, with the evolution of technology.

About the presentation, Summer said: “It is the second time that VERTEX has presented there. For the first time, we did a presentation on Neutral Network and this time, we did a presentation on Silicon Valley Ethics. Some topics that we covered are sexism in the tech industry, fake news, censorship, privacy issues, and the self-driving car. During the presentation, we asked many interactive activities and the girls at Girls Who Code answered questions eagerly. We also introduced the James Damore Case Study which really helped us to navigate the complexity of the whole issue that revolves around sexism and racism in the industry. Personally, I left the venue feeling really grateful for such an opportunity where I could share my perspectives on this important issue. In the end, the advisors at Girls Who Code even offered us more opportunities to talk at Liberty Mutual. Although there was some discomfort when we were challenged by the only male mentor there, we managed to do well and learn a lot from this experience.”