There have been many programs circulating around which allow people to print face shields during this pandemic. However, we recognize that in these difficult times, not everyone has access to resources such as a 3D printer. Many people are struggling with basic needs, such as food and water, and those who are affected are faring even worse. So, we have created a new initiative, PRINT4OURLIVES, which allows ANYONE to join the fight against COVID-19. You can visit our site here: to learn how you can help!

Our program provides users with three options:

  1. Using our custom STL. file, users can print face shields to donate to hospitals. Our design, based off of feedback from hospitals, is the ultimate compromise between user comfort, durability, and print speed. Furthermore, we provide detailed instructions (including links to supplies) to assemble the masks!
  2. If a user does not have a 3D printer, they can choose to make a donation to help fight COVID-19. The donations go directly to the World Health Organization. If a user would like to help the NH Seacoast region in particular, they may choose to direct their donation to the Oyster River’s End 68 Hours of Hunger program, which is very tight on funding and is the only source of food for many. 
  3. A user can also choose to leave an encouraging message for the frontline medical staff. These messages are formatted, printed, and delivered to hospitals all around the country along with the face shield shipments. This is a super easy way for anyone to contribute to the cause!

We hope that you will find a few moments in your day to contribute to the cause. Joining the fight against COVID-19 is now easier than ever!