Root of Robotics Discord Server


We created the Root of Robotics Discord Server as a way to provide a safe space for underrepresented minorities in STEM, beginners looking for resources to propel their journey in robotics and science (no experience needed!), seasoned robotics enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The idea for this discord came from our thoughts about how high the barriers to entry to robotics are. Those who have not had prior experience, but want to join or start a robotics team, can often feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work it takes, so we started this Discord Server as a way to alleviate some of those troubles. Members can trade technical experience, business and funding advice, and outreach ideas! Since the road to STEM is often more intimidating and difficult for those who are underrepresented in the field, we also wanted to make space for those voices and discussions about issues involving equity and diversity in STEM with separate channels.

Root of Robotics aims to give a sense of community to all who feel intimidated by science and robotics. and as a community, we can make robotics more accessible to all. We welcome all people of all skill levels, ranging from individuals who are looking to step foot into the world of robotics, to those who have had success at international levels! Aimed at those who may feel underrepresented in STEAM, Root of Robotics offers a safe environment for bipoc, lgbtqia+, low-income, and disabled individuals. RoR helps beginners find their way and allows experienced veterans to share experiences and build up strength through collaboration.

You can join the Root of Robotics Discord Server here: