Soldering Workshop


On December 8th and 15th we hosted a soldering tutorial where we invited students at any level to come learn to solder in the design lab. We ordered kits that included a diagram of the end circuit but did not have a step by step walk through of soldering the circuit. We thought this would be beneficial because it would encourage participants to have a greater understanding of the electrical circuit rather than just walking through the steps.

The soldering tutorial was only planned to be on the 8th but we had so many eager participants that we extended it a week. This allowed us to give more help to each participant and made it so people were not waiting in lines to use the soldering stations our design lab has.

Overall it was a huge success. The event got lots of new people into the design lab, the majority of the participants were actually 9th and 10th graders who had not yet ventured into the design lab. We also had lots of participants wondering about how they could extend their experience with electrical engineering and soldering after the tutorial was over!