International Summer Programs!


Computing Course - in Thailand!

Over the summer, our outreach member, Panda, hosted a free Programming and Computer Science Theory summer course for over 80 students in Thailand. Through this two weeks summer session student ages 8-16 were able learn programming and create their own small projects. They were also able to attend Technology Seminars in topics ranging from Quantum Computing to Astrophysics. In addition, Mr. Supachai Parchariyanon, CEO & Founder of RISE Innovation Powerhouse, sponsored our event and spoke to the students about a career in the STEM field.


Over the summer, our team member Celine toured and gave a presentation at Hypertherm, a company that designs and manufactures cutting systems. She was even able to use one of their plasma cutters to cut steel! We hope that we will be able to further interact with Hypertherm and potentially utilize some of their equipment in the future!