STEM Day Proposal



After 237 years of history, amidst the eager anticipation of all students, there is finally a day at PEA where students interested in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can show off their talents and intelligence — the first PEA STEM Day.

The first STEM Day is going to be held on Sunday, Jan. 27th. It is where people can learn more about STEM clubs at Exeter and enjoy the fun brought by technology. Clubs will be involved to showcase their projects and presenters will be invited to present horizon-widening views. We will also host fun, STEM-related competitions to show off the spirit of STEM-letes on campus.

Click here if you’re interested to be an organizer:


Show students and other people in the community the resources and projects different tech clubs have accomplished.

Invite speakers from inside / outside the community to raise awareness for developing STEM areas, such as CS ethics, bio-engineering, etc.

Incentivize student interest for STEM.


This event will take place on January 27th(Sunday) in the Forum. The featured projects can be in any of the following categories:

  1. Individual Clubs showcasing project, poster, technology, please keep it fun! (Robotics, ECC, ARVRA, MIT Launch, etc.)
  2. Individual student research.
  3. Student created Computer Science project. (This could be from a Computer Science Class or for any club, students may choose to present at an individual booth or along with the club.)
  4. STEM ESSO Clubs. (ESSO Robotics, JCP)
  5. Individual Clubs can also help us plan fun competitive events at the end and hand out awards that can further incentivize student’s interest in STEM.


  1. Inspire Research Award
  2. Scholar Award
  3. Aspirations in Computing Award
  4. Inspire Organization Award
  5. Aspirations in Mathematics Award

Speakers/STEM Forum

Do you want to see what STEM will be like in 10 years or possibly 5? Then come to Tech Forum the intersection of ideas and those who bring those ideas into the world. In the brief period of 20 minutes you will be dazzled, amazed, and surprised as you learn about the pioneers of STEM and their ideas.

If you want to have a chance to present your ideas or projects, come to the STEM Forum. The presentations at STEM Forum are given in the form of Ted Talks. Each presentation is 20 minutes per person. It needs to be shortened, memorable and of outstanding quality. Can’t wait to be a presenter? Please sign up here:

Tech Faire

During the Tech Faire, people can walk around to survey the variety of projects being presented by clubs or individual students. From cutting-edge designs to arts and crafts tables, what is presented during Tech Faire can stretch to the limits of your imagination. Prepare to have your horizon widened as you see not only what STEM can do for people but what people can do for STEM.

For clubs, this is not only a great chance to show off your achievements but also a precious opportunity to attract new club members. If you want to reserve a stand, please sign up here:

Fun Challenges/Competitions

If you are looking for some friendly competition or fun challenges, then the Exeter Tech Challenges are meant for you. Between Integration Bee, USACO Challenge, Science Bowl and much more! feel free to try your hand at numerous competitions to what it takes to be an Exeter Tech Champion. (There will be awards). If your club is interested in hosting a fun competition, sign up here:


12:00 - 12:15Opening Ceremony [@ Forum, Academy Center 3rd floor] (3 people per club come)

Speakers present talks + Q&A sessions at the end. (Exeter Tech Forum)  [@ Forum, Academy Center 3rd floor]
Lunch Served(Pizza, Salad), Students talk to speakers 1 on 1 and Students Clubs set up for club/individual project  presentation [@Agora & Oak Room & Meeting Room A Academy Center 3rd floor]
2:10 - 3:40Exeter Tech Faire [@Agora, Academy Center 3rd floor]
3:40 - 4:10This is an opportunity for presenters themselves to meet each other and clean up their presentation materials. [@Agora, Academy Center 3rd floor]
4:10 - 5:40Competition + Fun challenges, USACO typing challenge, fun MATHCOUNTS countdown, Science Bowl) (Exeter Tech Challenge)  [@ Forum, Academy Center 3rd floor]
5:30 - 6:00Closing Remarks + Present Awards  [@ Forum, Academy Center 3rd floor]